Newsletter October 15, 2012

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Welcome to adventurous math for the playground crowd! I am Moby Snoodles, and I love to hear from you at

Moby Snoodles

Moby’s mail

Bon “Math is not a four letter word” Crowder of, you guessed it, asks:

Hey Moby!
Can I post this picture on my site? The ant one? And to where should I link and attribute it if so?

Glad you asked! It reminded me I need to put a licence on the newsletters (see below) and the website. Yes, I am happy for you to use this or any other picture, with attribution to

Icon Fractal Sketch 3


Dor Abrahamson of UC-Berkeley shares a lovely story about his family. Gabi is Dor’s wife and Neomi is their daughter. This story goes with our chapter on intrinsic multiplication! Do you have a Moebius Noodles story? Write me!

We were eating home-made Mexican food with my parents, who’re visiting here.
My dad asked why the brown paste is called ‘re-fried‘ beans.
Gabi said she’s not sure, but she guesses it’s cooked twice.
I said, “What if they cooked it yet again — they’d have to call it ‘re-re-fried‘ beans!”
Neomi said, “No, ‘re-re-fried beans’ would mean they cooked it four times.”
I asked, “How come?”
And Neomi said, “Because the ‘re’ at the beginning means you have to do the ‘re-fried’ over again, so that’s two times twice, so that’s four.”

I stammered something about sequences vs. nested structures, but that was where Neomi lost me and dug into the avocado.

The ant picture Bon liked is an example of a nested structure, too.

Book news

We’ve finished the first draft of illustrations and layouts for all chapters. In the coming weeks, we will put it all together as the finished book. It is a rather surprising amount of work, considering the writing and the illustrations are done! We need to figure out pages, introductions, covers and so on. At the same time, we will be discussing chapters with volunteer reviewers.

The cover is in the early stages of design. We know the elements we want on it, but not how they will come together – or their particulars! We want a big picture of kids, playing with complex math objects, and then some recognizable graphic elements that can be reused for other books in the Moebius Noodles series. Your ideas are very welcome. Here is an early draft.

Moebius Noodles early cover draft


You are welcome to share the contents of this newsletter online or in print. You can also remix and tweak anything here as you wish, as long as you share your creations on the same terms. Please credit

More formally, we distribute all Moebius Noodles content under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license: CC BY-NC-SA



Talk to you again on October 30th!

Moby Snoodles, aka Dr. Maria Droujkova

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One comment on “Newsletter October 15, 2012
  1. Denise says:

    I like the cover — nice and bold, and it will look good even as a thumbnail online. But it needs a subtitle to clarify what the book is about. Also, it’s a good idea to put the authors’ and illustrator’s names on the cover, which help identify it to readers as a book (rather than an app or game).

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