mpsMOOC13 Observer July 23: Math faces; lack of ease

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This is the news from the open online course Problem Solving for the Young, the Very Young, and the Young at Heart.


Last tasks of the course!

Share stories about problems 7-10:

Citizen science 2:

Earlier tasks:

Plan problems 7-10

Share stories about problems 4-6

Plan problems 4-6.

Share stories about problems 1-3.

Plan problems 1-3.

Math faces

My favorite part of the course is reading people’s stories and looking at “math faces.” Mathematical values, mastery, and flow transform children. The transformations are reflected in their faces. This is what it is all about!


Pictures by Rodi, Denise, Brendan, Liza

Prep:math = 1:1 – or is it?

There is plenty of research showing that preparation and reflection makes us better at helping kids do math. But too much prep makes us reluctant to do math at all!

One of our aims for the course was to have one hour of preparation and reflection per hour of problem solving with kids. I think we achieved more ease than the hardcore math circles, where leaders report ten hours of prep/reflection per hour with kids. We did not achieve our aim, though.

A lot of preparation has to do with adapting materials for your kids. We tried to make that part easier by providing three or four starter adaptations for each activity. Yet I see that many people who signed up could not get going. For many active participants, three problems per week was too much.

Next time around, how can we make the experience easier? Share your thoughts:

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