6 pictures that tell surprising stories: symmetry

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Symmetry is beautiful. But why? Information processing theory claims it’s because symmetry saves us efforts, memory, and attention. When you look at a symmetric face, your mind only needs to process a half of it! With a snowflake, a sixth suffices.

Symmetric objects

You can help kids become more aware of symmetry by playing folding, cutting, and scavenger hunt games. We have four chapters of ideas in the Moebius Noodles book.

Moebius Noodles Cover

Pictures in this collection surprise us. They are still symmetric. But stories of their visually similar parts are completely different!

1. What every good teacher knows

By Scott Kim

2. A visual pun

An ad for audio books by Ogilvy and Mather

3. A Valentine

My kid and I made this several years ago.

4. Hint: the little kids learning A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s solve this classic puzzle easier than adults

5. Speaking of A-B-Cs

By Scott Kim

 6. Speaking of what the little kids know


Made with keep calm and make posters.

Do you know more pictures like this?








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