Math Goggles: 3D printer adventures with Moebius strips

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Moby Snodles Math Goggles

Math Goggles help you notice math everywhere.

The Moebius strip is the metaphor for everything endless or cyclic. Like what? Check out these composite symbols!

infinity + luck = ?

cycle + chase = ?

endless + love = ?

Moebius strip can mean endless bacon, to end world hunger!

Endless Bacon

Moebius strip can stand for Pi being irrational.

Mobius Ganesha is named for Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu deity who is the remover of obstacles. It is also a single sided surface. Like a complex Mobius strip, the inside and outside are one. This represents non-dualism as well as the intellectual integration of radically opposing concepts into singular understanding.”

Meta-Moebius is made of 36 interlocking Moebius strips, to represent infinity infinities. Or maybe to represent 36 infinities.

Jokes about infinity and alcohol just write themselves when you look at the elegant Moebius Sake* Cup. In unrelated news, Moebius cups are chiral; here’s a left-handed version.
(*)Also works with vodka.


Pac-Moebius and the never-ending chase.

Ensure infinite luck with one-sided die. You are guaranteed to roll any number you want, as long as it’s 1.

The never-ending loop of Crash Tests? Joyfully macabre! We are told these happy test dummies are named Vince and Larry. Imagine the attack of the test dummy clones. Vince 1, Larry 1, Vince 2, Larry 2…

Moebius + a symbols of love = INFINITE LOVE. Here are two well-known symbols of love: matching rings, and a heart.


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