Who am I? A guessing game

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“Math is not linear.”

People say that, but do you believe it?

Here is the history of one person’s interaction with Khan Academy. Answer this person’s riddle: WHO AM I?

Judging by this historical document, how old do you think the person is? What is the grade level? Anything else you care to guess?

Yes, all these are trick questions. I will post the answer in comments on August 10th. Leave your guess as a comment and subscribe, to see the surprising answer.

Update: the mystery person revealed (see comments).

Joseph B

Math Is Not Linear

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10 comments on “Who am I? A guessing game
  1. Tew Fr. says:

    Mastered many of elementary school skills and skipped high schools. No calculus at all. I guess he is elementary math teacher.

  2. These are trick questions, so the obvious, a middle school student, or the above synical elementary schoolteacher must be wrong.
    This is a college graduate in engineering or physics about 26 years old running a profitable construction firm, let’s say Haliburton.

  3. Dor Abrahamson says:

    A US president?

  4. nora says:

    Probably Me:)

  5. David Wees says:

    I’m guessing it’s Maria Droujkova’s daughter although I would not be surprised if it’s from someone who is 7 as well.

  6. My guess: A homeschooled or self-taught kid.

    About 10 or 12 my classmates out of 24 in my class at the Novosibirsk FMSh (its decription can be found at http://education.lms.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/FMSh.pdf) spent, in their earlier childhood, long periods out of school because of illness or injury. They were staying in bed reading books (including mathematics textbooks) well beyond their age. I could of course be mistaken, but I think I recognise the pattern of jumping from one topic to another.

  7. Maybe a program that does random guesses?

  8. Or a program designed to improve its guesses over time (some sort of ai)?

  9. Rachel says:

    Could be me too, but I bet it’s you. Though the infographic raises a lot of questions. Are we to assume that the U.S. school grades present math concepts in a linear fashion with no overlap in skills from one grade to the next?

  10. MariaD says:


    Age: 8
    Education: homeschool
    Location: Maryland, USA

    Joseph B. is the youngest of three kids. He likes engineering and science. In the couple of months since this screenshot was taken, he added some 15% of trig, and started calculus. We posted Joseph’s poem “Baby Civilization” last year: http://www.moebiusnoodles.com/2013/05/baby-civilization-poem/

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