Live online events, 1001 Circles, Math Storytelling Day: Newsletter September 2, 2014

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Hi, I am Moby from the Moebius Noodles project, bringing you the news about Natural Math. Send me your questions, comments, and stories of math adventures at

Moby Snoodles

In this newsletter:

  • Join us September 3 for a live online Math Future event with leaders of Proof School
  • 1001 Circles: five newest interviews with leaders
  • Stories for the Math Storytelling Day, September 25

Math Future live online event September 3: What if you could design a school any way you want?

Imagine like-minded parents, teachers, and administrators who deeply care about math. Imagine hundreds of years of their combined experience running math circles, math Olympiads, and family mathematics. Imagine freedom to design the best school you can for the kids of that community. This is what Proof School is about!

Join the open, free online event in the Math Future series. Meet the founders of Proof School, a radical education innovation for children who love math. Listen to a short presentation, chat with people in the audience, and ask presenters questions. 

You can register for the event and learn more about Proof School at the new site of Math Future, a project of Natural Math.

1001 circles and leaders

Try a math circle activity with your kids, or check out what keeps math circle leaders inspired! We are interviewing math circle leaders, experienced and new, with groups large and small, from all over the world. Here are the newest stories in the 1001 Circles series:

Toddler CS Jane Katz chalk graphs RASC team

If you run a math circle or a family group, or want us to interview a friend who does, email and we’ll add your story to the 1001 Circles showcase!

Math Storytelling Day September 25: send us your stories!

Celebrate Math Storytelling Day by sharing your math stories, big or small. One in every 20 people who submits a story before September 25th gets a Math Maker t-shirt.

Math Storytelling Day 200

Our first story this year is about a dad who shared his fascination of cost-benefit analysis with his 6-year-old and their friends. They set up a pretend casino, found ways to rig games, and… Well, I will let Stephen Taylor tell you all about their adventure: The day my first grader fell in love with numbers.


You are welcome to share this newsletter online or in print.


Talk to you soon! Moby Snoodles, aka Dr. Maria Droujkova

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One comment on “Live online events, 1001 Circles, Math Storytelling Day: Newsletter September 2, 2014
  1. says:

    Math Storytelling Day is something we celebrate online, and then every group celebrates locally. If you have a place in Cambridge where you want to get a group together, I will be happy to announce it so more people join you.

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