Math art collections: favorites on Pinterest

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Here are three things we at Natural Math like to do with other people’s mathematical collections on Pinterest. Try for yourself if you have not yet.

  1. Browse a favorite collection, relax to beautiful images and videos, and meditate.
  2. Invite your children to browse together – it’s like a trip to an art museum, but it only takes 3 minutes and there is no driving.
  3. Take favorite pieces for your own collection. Here are our collections.

Our newest blog writer Ruby gives you a tour of five lovely math collections. Enjoy!

The board Pop up 3d by SO Satori features many great examples of pop-up artwork. Some of the designs are asymmnetrical in a way that makes you wonder how they created them. It makes you want to just grab a piece of paper and start folding!

The board Countable – 1 to 10 by Maria João Lagarto features various images that would be great to show to preschoolers to help them learn to count in a natural way. Some of the images could be used to teach multiplication or square roots.

The board Balloons_Math Related by Victoria Skye is a collection of photos and videos of amazing balloon art. It could be used as a cool and interactive way to teach kids about 3D models and fractals. No matter what, the amazing sculptures will capture your attention.

The board Mathy Math by Adelaide Leigh has great examples of radial symmetry and reflection symmetry art. Some of the pins include integration and fractals, while others are great ways to learn about modeling.

The board Reggio Classroom and Activities by Beck has lots of inviting activities for modeling with kids. Some of the activities use simple supplies like cardboard boxes. They are geared mainly towards kids that are 5 to 8 years of age.

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