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1001 Leaders: EuclidKids LLC begins as a friend helps a friend’s 5 year old

Powers Of Two

Marcia Cooke is the author of two beautiful toys, called Powers of Two and Binomial Squares. They can be used to explore infinity, series, multiplication and proportions, place value, and equations with young children. Marcia likes to meet children and

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1001 Leaders – Interview with Jane Kats

Jane Katz chalk graphs

This is an interview with Jane Kats, an early childhood educator, math circle leader, author and math enthusiast. Jane talks about her math circles, what parents can do to help kids enjoy math, and what they should avoid. Jane shares

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1001 Leaders: Exploring the spiral multiplication table

Learning Flower

Today, our guest is Joey Grether, an unbridled idealist, parent, and teacher. His journey to math play with kids started with designing tools and devices. Have you ever wondered how Montessori designed all the activities with her beads, or how

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