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Igramatica math circle in London: Interview with the leader


Svetlana Pancenko was inspired to start an after school math circle in London called Igramatica when she realized that all children are mathematicians, and can have the joy of exploring mathematics through games. There is math all around us, and

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1001 Leaders – Ida and Anna on three generations of math circles: “Math is nice!”

Chains of colors

Why would you decide to lead a math circle? Anna Ignatov attended a math circle as a child, and then, as a mom, organized two circles for her two daughters and their friends. Since 14, Anna’s daughter Ida has been

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1001 Leaders: Make and fly boomerangs with Yutaka Nishiyama

Yutaka Nishiyama

Professor Yutaka Nishiyama(西山豊) seeks mathematics in everyday life and in cultural traditions. How does an egg roll down a slope? Why do French, Japanese, and Indian people count on their fingers in such different ways? Why do boomerangs fly? Yutaka finds

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1001 Leaders: dad and son organize Raleigh Advanced Science Club

RASC team

David Handy is a computer engineer and a homeschooling dad of four. He started a math, science, and programming science club to help youth, including his son Evan, to succeed in challenging technical studies in college, in their careers, and in

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