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12 models of multiplication

Multiplication Models poster

These models come from 24×36 inch full-color glossy poster. – –

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Adaptations for toddlers and young kids

  See the full recording of the presentation “Baby algebra, toddler calculus” (August 2013) or just the slides.

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Becoming Invisible by Bob Kaplan, in Playing with Math

Playing With Math Cover

How do you help students be heroes of their own math adventures? How to avoid taking over? Become invisible! That’s what Bob Kaplan of the Harvard Math Circle says. From Playing with Math edited by Sue VanHattum. Download or print PDF of

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60 ways to stay creative in math

Recep Bayramoğlu Point Of View

      Thanks and credits 33 ways to stay creative by Anonymous Art of Inquiry Problem-Solving Bingo by Julia Brodsky Martian Math by Kirby Urner Math Future forum members: Michael Paul, Algot Runeman, Donal Cohen, David Chandler, Bradford Hansen-Smith,

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