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5 Halloween cartoon treats for little geeks

Reverse Costume

Have you seen kids sort their haul after Halloween? They often set aside their favorite candy – say, chocolate. This is what I did, with cartoons instead of candy, and math instead of chocolate. 1. Reverse costumes Doctor Popular on

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6 BIG adventures in #StreetMath

Binary Hopscotch

I am volunteering at elementary school recess, and was wondering if you can recommend some math games for outdoors – Anna Belaschenko, via the Moebius Noodles newsletter. Here is a collection under the #StreetMath tag from our Facebook updates. 1. Sequence

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Parent roles in a Math Circle

Art of Inquiry

This list is from Julia Brodsky’s upcoming book of Math Circle activities, “The Art of Inquiry.” Sometimes your group has a leader and kids, and that’s it. But other times, parents or other grown-ups want to join. What will everybody

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6 ways to collect multiplication pictures

Collect Multiplication Pictures

1. Collect pictures of times table facts for a poster 2. Put pictures in Robinsunne’s multiplication clock 3. Collect from the same context, theme, or story Animal legs for x2? What multiplication can you find in Star Wars, Harry Potter,

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