Veronica’s multiplication online Thursday August 13, and big discount for small groups: Newsletter August 11

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Big discount for small groups

Mathematics works so much better when colleagues, friends, and family support one another! We want to help people do math together in local classes, groups of parents, and math circles. That’s why you now get big discounts for small bundles of paperback books, plus savings on shipping. This is also perfect for larger groups, fundraisers, and small bookstores, and you can resell the books at full price. Or buy five books and give four to friends as gifts.

You get a third of the price off if you buy 5 copies or more of each of our book titles.


Veronica’s multiplication

If your 6-10 year old children understand what multiplication is, but want to become more fluent, this math circle is for you! Veronica will lead a math circle meeting to help each participant make games. The goal of the games is to learn a family of facts (patterns) from the times table. Children will remix games and patterns for math variety, and play by themselves or with friends to become fluent. When you sign up for this math circle, you will get access to Multiplication Explorers materials that explain patterns in time tables. Veronica’s games take these ideas to the next level.

  • What: Live meeting with Veronica and friends to make and remix games about families of multiplication facts.
  • When: Thursday, August 13 from 4-5 PM (New York time) in a Google Hangout, plus conversations at your convenience in an online forum.
  • Who: Children ages 6-10 with parents or teachers. Your registration covers your family or small group using one computer. We will have 8 participating families or groups.
  • How: Children will make and test their games; adults will observe at the side, play Parent Bingo, and help if their children ask.

Veronica Avatar

Hi, my name is Veronica and I love Math and Science!

I just finished 3d grade math and I can’t wait to learn more. I love playing with my cat and watching him do funny things like chase his tail! In my free time, I usually call my friends, play outside, or draw.  My most favorite thing to do is read. 

Have a nice day!!

Do you or your child want to design an online math circle at Natural Math? Write us!

Dr. Maria Droujkova and the Natural Math crew


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