Author: Marina Mersenne
Marina Mersenne is a student, writer, and autodidact. As a lifetime unschooler, Marina takes part in discussions concerning learning and educational systems. With Moebius Noodles, she hopes to expand on alternative ways of learning and teaching mathematics.

Math Storytelling: Lisa’s Story

Lisa G. McCarville is a mother, educator and learning consultant who is working to help people shift their mindsets about what learning is. Lisa is a differently abled person and an advocate for all learners. Lisa works as a writer

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Hand Tricks!

Using one’s hands is practically intuitive in the math world. Counting on one’s fingers is the most basic mathematical practice one could think of. But there is other more complex math you and your kid can do with your hands!

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Shapes Out Of Shapes

Shapes out of shapes: tomato duck

What do you see? People see shapes everywhere. Our minds deal with any visual experience by forming meaningful patterns, using a system called object recognition. Most of the time, we are not aware of this process. But you can make

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Heart Collage

Heart Collage Collage

Tweet If you’re looking to teach kids about symmetry, a new app called Heart Collage is a great start! Where there is love there is life’s Facebook Page Available on Google Play and the iTunes Store, Heart Collage guides you

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