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How to Make Multiplication Tables with Perler Beads

My child has been playing with Perler beads for a while now making all sorts of things, including a map of Minecraft. So when I suggested making a multiplication table, the kid was very interested. Except a) I didn’t have

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Heart Collage

Heart Collage Collage

Tweet If you’re looking to teach kids about symmetry, a new app called Heart Collage is a great start! Where there is love there is life’s Facebook Page Available on Google Play and the iTunes Store, Heart Collage guides you

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Ethnobraiding with Bread

Ehtnobraiding with Bread

Braiding is one of the simplest forms of mathematical art. While it is a subject that can become complex, the basics are easy to learn. Braiding can be seen around the world in different cultures, and learning from these cultures

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Play Power

Girl In Hexagon

This post originally appeared on my personal blog on May 21, 2012.  At the end of this post you will find a question related to the following story–I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and responses. –Malke ______________________ Although

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