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Calculus for Kids May 17, 2015 (Sundays)

Impressionist Dragon

This is the story of the fifth and final meeting of the Sunday Natural Math Circle doing activities inspired by calculus.   The first activity was making a flip book out of cards. To figure out the size of designs,

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Shapes Out Of Shapes

Shapes out of shapes: tomato duck

What do you see? People see shapes everywhere. Our minds deal with any visual experience by forming meaningful patterns, using a system called object recognition. Most of the time, we are not aware of this process. But you can make

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Ethnobraiding with Bread

Ehtnobraiding with Bread

Braiding is one of the simplest forms of mathematical art. While it is a subject that can become complex, the basics are easy to learn. Braiding can be seen around the world in different cultures, and learning from these cultures

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Math goggles: tasty sphere packing around the world

Sphere Packing

Math goggles help you notice math everywhere. Maria João Lagarto has great math goggles when she makes adventurous Pinterest collections. For this post, I selected examples of round fruits, confections, and other morsels packed into triangles, pyramids, or cones. Even the

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