Author: Marina Mersenne
Marina Mersenne is a student, writer, and autodidact. As a lifetime unschooler, Marina takes part in discussions concerning learning and educational systems. With Moebius Noodles, she hopes to expand on alternative ways of learning and teaching mathematics.

Ethnobraiding with Bread

Ehtnobraiding with Bread

Braiding is one of the simplest forms of mathematical art. While it is a subject that can become complex, the basics are easy to learn. Braiding can be seen around the world in different cultures, and learning from these cultures

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The Mirror Routine

Mirror Routine

If you have seen any comedic performance in the past century, you have likely seen the Mirror Routine. When two people try to seamlessly imitate each other, it is not only entertaining to the viewers, but to the performers as

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4 projects from world-famous art exhibits your kids can do

4 art projects

There are math exhibitions held in many locations with many themes. The Bridges Conference and Joint Mathematics Meetings are two groups that seek to explore the many ways one might apply math to multiple disciplines, including art. The contributors to

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3D Illusions with Easy Grids

Optical Illusions Grid

From Escher and the Droste Effect In many ways, graphic art is the visual interpretation of math. Grids are a great example of this. From the Math in Your Feet blog Grids are found everywhere in art. In fact, your

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