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Kids Build Together – Math Readiness in Early Childhood

What is math readiness? Is it really possible to teach math readiness to very young children – toddlers and preschoolers? What does it look like? For several years Carolyn Galbraith ran a play and learning center, focusing on math readiness

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Math is Not a Worksheet

Moebius Noodles Cover Final

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBMhZfBzqyQ Some time ago Maria and I had a chance to present the Moebius Noodles project at an Open Source/Creative Commons event hosted by Red Hat. As we tried to distill our big ideas into a 3-minute presentation, we had

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Math Stories – Moebius Ants

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mdEsouIXGM This is a story inspired by Vi Hart’s “Wind and Mr Ug” video. I so wanted to tell it to my son myself, but my drawing skills fall way short. So instead we talked about ants. Once upon a

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Knot Theory for Young Kids

Moby Snoodles

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a wonderful math blog called Math Munch. Now, with a name like this, you know this is going to be good! And it is even for someone who is not a professional mathematician

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