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Children say cutest things… about calculus

Craft Sticks Math Spark

Lydia Gordon is a math circle leader who used our Inspired by  Calculus materials in several sessions, and sent these fun notes. Here are a couple of math sparks that go with activities mentioned here, in case you want to

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Igramatica math circle in London: Interview with the leader


Svetlana Pancenko was inspired to start an after school math circle in London called Igramatica when she realized that all children are mathematicians, and can have the joy of exploring mathematics through games. There is math all around us, and

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1001 Circles: an environmental geologist wants to save the world, runs a Math Club

Debbie Vane Math Club

Debbie Vane is an environmental geologist turned mentor in mathematics and science. She has developed a math club for homeschool students ages 6-14, including her son, to help them learn problem-solving strategies. In the club, everyone works on the same concept,

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1001 Circles: Train your robot with DrTechniko

Toddler CS

DrTechniko’s stories and games teach kids concepts about programming, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, computer design in the same fun and engaging way as “grandma’s storytelling time” when we were kids.

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