Multiplication, homeschool conference, Kaprekar: Newsletter July 30, 2013

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I am Moby Snoodles, and this is my newsletter. I love to hear from you at

Moby Snoodles

Next course: Wow, Multiplication!

We are working on designing a series of short high-energy courses for parents, Math Circle leaders, and other innovative educators. Our first such micro-course will be about multiplication. We will introduce two highly addictive, deep, mixed-age games that you can play for 10 seconds or 10 years. We will also have a course forum for discussions and hot questions that worry and excite, such as, “How come some mathematicians never memorized their times tables, and do kids have to?” or, “Is multiplication just repeated addition?” Let us know if you are interested!

Mathematical values, mastery, and flow transform children. The transformations are reflected in their faces. Check out the math faces from our previous course.


Homeschooling and democratic learning conference

Please join us in a free, online conference for independent learners, The Homeschool Conference ( It runs live on Aug. 23-24 and will then be available as free downloads. You can submit proposals until August 20th.

Homeschool Conference 2013

Blogs and networks

Our Facebook page has grown to 500 fans. Eric Hamilton pointed out that 500 is no more special than many other numbers, which inspired us to play a little game of math facts. As a result, the new fans got their own mini-cards with curious facts about their numbers. If you want a card like that about your number, let us know on Facebook.



You are welcome to share the contents of this newsletter online or in print. You can also remix and tweak anything as you wish, as long as you share your creations on the same terms. Please credit

More formally, we distribute all Moebius Noodles content under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license: CC BY-NC-SA



Talk to you again on August 15th!

Moby Snoodles, aka Dr. Maria Droujkova

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