Multiplication Q&A live meetings, our Pinterest boards, math mind hacks: Newsletter December 30

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Happy holidays! Welcome to adventurous math for the playground crowd. I am Moby Snoodles, and I love to hear from you at

Moby New Year

Multiplication: From Worries To Dreams

From our Multiplication Planet pilot in 2008 to the WOW! Multiplication mini-course in September 2013, multiplication is a hot topic. We keep getting more questions and requests about it. For parents with young kids and even preteens, multiplication remains the source of worries and frustrations. Two roads starts to diverge around the time children encounter multiplication. Will your child use math to solve personal and societal problems, see math patterns everywhere in nature and culture, and enjoy meaningful intellectual play? Or will your child memorize without comprehension, fail to link math with the rest of life, and suffer through anxiety and boredom? We want to equip families with maps, gear, and supplies to travel the math roads they truly want. That’s why we are running another multiplication-centered event for parents, starting at the end of January! It will start with parent questions and live meetings, and end in producing the “State of Multiplication” summary of questions and answers – maybe with links and resources – maybe with a comprehensive web site – participants will decide! More details in the next newsletter. Email if you want to follow the project.

Join our Pinterest fun

Natural Math®, the parent company of the Moebius Noodles project, just started on Pinterest.  There are two goals. First, to organize the vast collections of past Natural Math® content in an easy-to-use, visual form. Second, to give our friends good tools to showcase their creations or finds. That means you! Do you collect math ideas? Do you blog or have a project about adventurous mathematics? Talk to me about participating in our Pinterest boards. Email or leave a comment under one of our pins.
Natural Math Pinterest Board

Math mind hacks

Math mind hacks are practices, active values, and psychological tools for mathematical well-being. What hacks help you in math? Send them my way! Here is one of my favorites: spaced repetition.
Spaced repetition


You are welcome to share, remix and tweak. Please credit under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license: CC BY-NC-SA.


Happy Holidays! See you next year, in two weeks!

Moby Snoodles, aka Dr. Maria Droujkova

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