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The Mirror Routine

Mirror Routine

If you have seen any comedic performance in the past century, you have likely seen the Mirror Routine. When two people try to seamlessly imitate each other, it is not only entertaining to the viewers, but to the performers as

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5 Halloween cartoon treats for little geeks

Reverse Costume

Have you seen kids sort their haul after Halloween? They often set aside their favorite candy – say, chocolate. This is what I did, with cartoons instead of candy, and math instead of chocolate. 1. Reverse costumes Doctor Popular on

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What Would You Rather Have – Commutative Property Game

Is 2*3 different from 3*2? My answer used to be “But of course! Don’t you know the commutative property?” Now, after following Malke Rosenfeld’s exploration of multiplication, I answer it with a lot more non-committal “it depends“. And I notice

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1+1=5 Round two of the game!

What objects can you add, and what do you get as a result? I will re-post this game once in a while, as we find more good examples. Check out what Moebius Noodles readers submitted: 1+1=7 One square plus one

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