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Fundamental Ideas of Calculus – a survey

Foam islands

What is one central idea of calculus you would want everyone in the world to understand? Add your ideas in comments.

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Math Circles for Elementary School Students – Book Review

Why are there so few math circles, particularly for younger children? One of the reasons is the belief that very young kids are simply not ready for complex math. Another reason is that finding deep and engaging math activities, adapted

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Family math: baby trinomials, can’t get 20 bagels, symmetry yoga aftermath

Baby Trinomial Cube

This is a collection of math sparks friends of Natural Math send us. Have something little (or big) to share? Email your videos, pictures, or text to Sheryl Morris shares a a photo of playtime with a body-size Montessori Trinomial

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1001 Leaders – Ida and Anna on three generations of math circles: “Math is nice!”

Chains of colors

Why would you decide to lead a math circle? Anna Ignatov attended a math circle as a child, and then, as a mom, organized two circles for her two daughters and their friends. Since 14, Anna’s daughter Ida has been

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