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Last-Minute Christmas Decorations and Tangled Lights

christmas lights knot theory

Days are flying by and everyone is busy preparing for the holidays. While you might not know what gift(s) you will be getting this year or whether the kids will catch the sniffles right before the party, one thing you

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Math Stories – Moebius Ants

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mdEsouIXGM This is a story inspired by Vi Hart’s “Wind and Mr Ug” video. I so wanted to tell it to my son myself, but my drawing skills fall way short. So instead we talked about ants. Once upon a

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Knot Theory for Young Kids

Moby Snoodles

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a wonderful math blog called Math Munch. Now, with a name like this, you know this is going to be good! And it is even for someone who is not a professional mathematician

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