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Infinity Is Farther Than You Think

Really Big Numbers

What’s bigger, a fillion or a cometallion? These are the two big numbers my son and his friend made up one day. They couldn’t give me any more details other than “these are huge numbers” and “but smaller than a

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Purple Comet! math meet: 4 awesome design features, and a book

Purple Comet Cover

Many math symbols are really pictures, such as 0 for emptiness or ∞ for endlessness.  In the title Purple Comet! Math Meet the exclamation mark in the middle is the picture of a comet, of course. But what is a math meet?

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Math Goggles #6 – Let’s Read Math Story

March is a great month for math holidays. First Wednesday of the month is the World Maths Day. Right after it comes the World Science Day. Then, of course, there’s the Pi Day. But first, at least this year, comes

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Book review: “What’s unnatural?” by Jeremiah Dyke

What's Unnatural Math book

Making abstract entities into characters with their own looks and personalities is a great idea related to many traditions. “Flatland” featured creatures embodying shapes in different dimensions. More recently, moe anthropomorphisms embody entities such as Wikipedia: The book “What’s unnatural” by Jeremiah

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