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How to Make Multiplication Tables with Perler Beads

My child has been playing with Perler beads for a while now making all sorts of things, including a map of Minecraft. So when I suggested making a multiplication table, the kid was very interested. Except a) I didn’t have

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Infinity Is Farther Than You Think

Really Big Numbers

What’s bigger, a fillion or a cometallion? These are the two big numbers my son and his friend made up one day. They couldn’t give me any more details other than “these are huge numbers” and “but smaller than a

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Just a Little Beautiful Math Thing

One of us, Maria, recently posted this on our Facebook page: This is what I call “lap-ware”: a little beautiful thing you show a toddler who climbs into your lap as you work on your computer. Even someone who knows

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Is Your Child’s Playroom Math-Friendly?

I remember when back in the 5th grade my parents put a huge map of the world on the wall of my room. That was the year I read lots and lots of adventure stories and looked for all the

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