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Paper Weaving and Grid Games

Patrick Honner’s Moebius Noodles guest post on mathematical paper weaving was very inspiring to me. Mathematical weaving employs one of my favorite making materials – colored paper!  It was actually sort of challenging to get started, but after playing around

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No Manipulatives Days

These have been our math manipulatives for the last couple of weeks. Here they are lined up from largest to smallest. We usually use a lot of manipulatives with my son. But not this week. It was interesting to see

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Teaching Number Concepts

I am trying to teach my son a concept of positive whole numbers being made up of other, smaller, positive whole numbers. This has been a tough going so far, full of unexpected obstacles. There was, for example, the part

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Can Board Games Help Learn Math?

If you are looking for a simple and fun way of bringing more math into your child’s life, then here’s a solution for you. It costs little, takes no time to set up and is a great way to engage

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