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Start with One Straight Line

Tape Hopscotch

A few years ago I viewed “The Hundred Languages of Children,” a travelling exhibit about the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.  If you’re not familiar with this approach it, among other things, considers the environment (of the classroom and

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Math Goggles #2 – Home Patternomics

ABAB visual pattern

It’s time to put on the Math Goggles (not sure what these are? Head over here to find out). Last week I invited you to search for math at your local library. But this week I haven’t had much free time for

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Hidden Math: Book Edition

Hidden math in story books

My daughter and I have learned so much math by finding it wherever we are and in whatever we’re doing.  For the last year we have been paying attention to the physical world around us and finding as many different

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Different Perspective

Yesterday I chatted with a friend whom I haven’t seen in a while. Her child, a bright and energetic 8-year old, participates in quite a few extracurricular activities – ballet, gymnastics, tae kwan do, and art. Next year, music lessons

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