Mathematical Faces 06/24/2011

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It is often said that mathematical values, mastery and flow transform people who practice math. The transformations are reflected in children’s faces. Look at mathematical faces for inspiration, and share them with your kids. This is what it’s all about!

Submit your photos of mathematical faces for future posts.

This blog post starts a series showing kids and teens doing mathematics. We would like to thank Alexandre Borovik for the idea.
The task requires precision, and the boy’s face shows quiet, prolonged concentration, while his motions are fluid, confident and exact.
Natural Math club, Cary, NC, Spring 2011
The girl has found a mathematical idea in a shell, and now touches it to appreciate the beauty even more. She often draws and diagrams shells mathematically, and she looks inspired and happy.
Natural Math club, Cary, NC, Spring 2011
This kid is in the state of flow – her hands and shoulders are relaxed enough for precise, smooth movements… And her the face looks peaceful and meditative.
Natural Math club, Cary, NC, Spring 2011
The task is tough, and kids look serious and powerful. They managed it!
Natural Math club, Cary, NC, Spring 2011

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