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Shapes Out Of Shapes

Shapes out of shapes: tomato duck

What do you see? People see shapes everywhere. Our minds deal with any visual experience by forming meaningful patterns, using a system called object recognition. Most of the time, we are not aware of this process. But you can make

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1001 Circles: Stephen Taylor’s Zometool Adventures

The Star Thing

Have you ever dived into a river, lake, ocean, or pool? Have you ever done it in the dark or with your eyes closed? Much scarier, isn’t it?  The prospect of leading a math circle, even a small one – your

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Inspired by Calculus Math Circle – Week 5

Young calculus bodies of revolutions

If we don’t teach kids to do actual calculations, what do we teach them in our calculus circle? And can it even be called calculus? Wouldn’t it be better to wait a few years until kids get older?  These are

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Inspired by Calculus Math Circle – Week 4

Foam islands

Even if five-year-olds can play with advanced ideas, can they do the next steps toward formal math? Can they actually integrate and differentiate? Are they capable of sufficient level of abstract thinking? These are the questions we are focusing on

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