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What Would You Rather Have – Commutative Property Game

Is 2*3 different from 3*2? My answer used to be “But of course! Don’t you know the commutative property?” Now, after following Malke Rosenfeld’s exploration of multiplication, I answer it with a lot more non-committal “it depends“. And I notice

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Math Stories – Cut and Fold

I remember that when I was little, I derived a sort of enjoyment, a feeling of accomplishment, from doing math worksheets. For better or worse, my son is the exact opposite. Worksheets do nothing, but turn him off math. And

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Small Moments of Math

Today’s post comes from the wonderful Malke Rosenfeld of Map is Not the Territory blog. Malke combined her background as a percussive dancer with her love of math in a unique Math in Your Feet program. It is a fusion

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