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Math Goggles #5 – From Cleanliness to Mathyness

What’s washing dishes got to do with math? The answer is in this week’s Math Goggles. Oh, and you get a chance to get your home cleaner and mathy-er. If you are new to Math Goggles and not sure what

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1+1=5 A scavenger hunt game about unitizing

1+1=5 additions LaRochelle

Yelena recently reviewed the book “1+1=5” and shared the game of “I spy” she plays with her son. The book inspires kids (and adults) to see everyday objects as sets, or collections of other objects. For example, a triangle can

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Math Magic – Magic Transformations Game

Today’s game comes from Julia Brodsky, the creative force behind The Art of Inquiry math circle in Maryland. Started several years ago by Julia as a thinking circle for her own children and their friends, it grew quickly. Julia teaches

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