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Gummy Bear Go! Game

Probabilities game for kids

This is the game my son and I are calling “Gummy Bear Go!” even though most of the time we play it with paperclips instead of treats. I got this game from the Russian mathematician Alexander Zvonkin’s book “Math from

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Hidden Math: Book Edition

Hidden math in story books

My daughter and I have learned so much math by finding it wherever we are and in whatever we’re doing.  For the last year we have been paying attention to the physical world around us and finding as many different

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The Hundred Chart and Game Cards

It’s been a little while since I did the original post about the hundred chart I put together for my son and his reaction to it. Finally, I have a professionally done (thank you, Ever!) chart you can download, play

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1+1=5 A scavenger hunt game about unitizing

1+1=5 additions LaRochelle

Yelena recently reviewed the book “1+1=5” and shared the game of “I spy” she plays with her son. The book inspires kids (and adults) to see everyday objects as sets, or collections of other objects. For example, a triangle can

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